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December = Newborn Lifestyle Month

Wow! I ran a sale on Newborn Lifestyle Sessions during the month of December, and boy did families take advantage! I'm so happy to be bringing Lifestyle to this rural area of Central Vermont. While posed studio photographs of your baby are truly beautiful, Lifestyle captures to essence of your family. Each session this month was so different, and it is because each family has a different energy. When I arrive at the client's home, we take some time for a tour of the house and see the rooms with the best light. As I start photographing, things just sort of organically unfold. One session was more high energy, and in another session, it was so peaceful I thought the parents were going to fall asleep on me (I almost went downstairs to take a nap ;) ). Each session is 2-3 hours long, so the babies and older children had plenty of time to be themselves, eat, have diaper changes etc.

If you will be welcoming your baby soon, consider Lincoln Gap Photography for your Newborn Lifestyle Session! I recommend booking at least a month before your due date, and then once the baby is born we will schedule your day. I will hold the day specifically for you, and have no other photography sessions on that day so we will have plenty of time to beautifully photograph your family.

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