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How to prepare for your session with Lincoln Gap Photography

Vermont Lifestyle Photographer specializing in Family, Maternity, Couples, and Newborn Lifestyle Photography. Serving Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston, Moretown, Montpelier and beyond.

Family: got it!

Awesome outfits: check!

An amazing location: check!

Lots of love: YES!

You have all the essentials for the best shoot possible, but how do you have it all come together to make sure your images are every bit as magical as you dream they will be?

1. Realize that I am NOT the photographer for you if you are looking for a couple of perfectly posed pictures with everyone smiling at the camera.

-I photograph your family the way I see love: it can be cuddly, messy, playful, dreamy, joyful, or


- The story I tell is the story of your family right now- in this moment. Your family doesn't all sit tall

with your backs strait in a stiff formation when you are together, you have fun, you joke around, you

laugh, comfort each other, play, giggle, and enjoy each other's company. These are the shots we will

take at your session.

2. Let me handle your kids! I can't say this enough, however your children are acting at your session, please let me handle them, they are fine!

- I know from experience that my children are always much better behaved for others than they are

for me. If you as parents are getting stressed out by their behavior and reprimanding your child to

sit and look at the camera, they will continue to act out.

- My approach as a photographer is to let the child explore our location. I always choose a location

where kids are free to roam and explore (within reason). I take photos of the parents and other

cooperative sibilings, and the wanderer always comes back to us.

- I take time to connect with your children, even the littlest ones. This takes a few extra minutes, but

that's why my sessions last about an hour. When I connect with your child, I capture beautiful,

genuine portraits of your child's personality.

- With parents' permission, I always bring a little pouch of fruit snacks or other little sweets to bribe

the kids who are tougher to connect with.

- "There's a fairy (or a dinosaur, rainbow, sparkles) in my lens." Really, there is :).

3. Breath. Really, I mean it. In the chaos that happened in the 2 hours prior to your session of everyone getting ready to look their best, stress starts to build in your family. I want you to let all that go. This next 1-1.5 hours is about YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Our lives are so busy and so riddled by social media, that when we are with each other, the question that comes to mind is " Are we really, truly together in this moment?" This hour of photography is a moment together for your family. Focus on each other, and I promise you that the images you take away with you will be ones that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Now that we're all on the same page, let's get together to make some magical images! I can't wait to hear from you!


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