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Motherhood. Lifestyle Sessions

Picture amazing golden hour light in an amazing location, surrounded by those who love you the most.

Motherhood is tough. No doubt about it. There are days I'm ready to throw in the towel. And then there was that day when Hazel suddenly said "Can you help me mommy?". I mean, my heart just melts in moments like that. And this past Friday when I had the amazing opportunity to ski with Sierra and witnessed her pure joy as she literally cheered herself down her first blue square trails up at Sugarbush. Truly a moment I will never forget.

So for this Mothers Day, I want to make all the Mothers feel special. Because you don't feel too special when you are on your hands and knees cleaning up puke, or during the most humbling of moments right after giving birth. But you are.

So let your family worship you for a day, an hour. And I'll be there to document all the precious moments so when you are up with kids at 2 am, or you haven't peed all day because you were driving kids to all their activities, or when they have all grown and left home and you are lonely- you will be able to relive those moments and remember how loved you truly are.


Motherhood. Lifestyle Session:

1 Hour Lifestyle Photography Session with your family.

10 edited digital images.

Fresh Floral Crown for Mom to wear during the session and to take home.

Complimentary Small Photo Book

Investment: $250 plus 6% VT State sales tax.

Dates: Book now through May 30, Session must take place by June 30.

Book Now:

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