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Real Selfies!

All winter I have been putting off taking my self portrait for the website. There were just so many barriers: have to get the tripod out, have to figure out the timer mode on my new camera, have to put makeup on (what?!), have to find the time. Simple, simple, simple simple.

So I follow an amazing lifestyle photographer, Elena S. Blair: I have taken her classes, and belong to her online community, and participate in weekly learning from her. Along with Lady Boss Workshop, she started an Instagram Challenge this week, and I love challenges! The Day 1 challenge was to post a photo of yourself and introduce yourself to your followers and community. Crap! I needed to do this self-portrait thing stat! So after the girls went to school, I got everything set up and got my butt in front of the camera. I literally ran back and forth to the shutter release about 300 times to get these shots! I realize now how important it is for a photographer to get in front of the camera. Here's a few of the best shots from today, thanks for visiting!


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