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Vermont Newborn Photographer

"Just when you think you know love, someone so little and precious comes along to remind you just how big love really is"

Vermont Newborn Photography for families who want meaningful photos on their own timeline. 

Lincoln Gap Photography is a Vermont newborn photographer who creates timeless, nostalgic photographs in Warren, Waitsfield, Burlington, Stowe, and surrounding areas. 

Stephanie is a true artist. She has an unbelievable skill for working with light and color while allowing her clients spontaneity to creatively unfold. She deeply respects the sacredness (and messiness) of the newborn time. She’s gentle and tender with babies and new moms. She eliminates all the could be stress of a photo shoot by helping you decide what to wear (making a postpartum mom feel beautiful), she organizes and sets up the space (mountains of laundry don’t phase her) and puts everyone at ease with her fun style (yes, even getting a busy toddler to cooperate). As a busy mom I am beyond grateful to have such sweet photos of my second baby, to have pictures WITH me in it (moms are usually the ones behind the lens) and to have these fleeting, real life moments of our family preserved with such emotion and beauty.

newborn session

Your newborn session will be laid-back, relaxed, and stress-free, and will take place right in your home. Your newborn is the most comfortable and the most safe in your arms, so that's where I photograph them, except for a few very natural portraits, but your baby will guide the session. Your home is perfectly suited to your session- I have worked in all kinds of homes with all kinds of natural light. I remember very clearly the postpartum days, so I take your needs into account when photographing and posing you. 


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