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Vermont Newborn Photographer

"Just when you think you know love, someone so little and precious comes along to remind you just how big love really is"

Vermont Newborn Photography for families who want meaningful photos on their own timeline. 

Your family deserves the most relaxed session possible after your baby is born. This is why I photograph with a lifestyle technique. What does that mean? It means that I photograph your family in your home or outdoors, and I do not put your newborn in any un-natural poses. Your newborn is the most comfortable and the most safe in your arms, so that's where we photograph them! I may lay your baby on your bed or a blanket for some very natural portraits, but your baby will guide the session. I love in-home photography because you have everything you need right at home- no packing up the diaper bag for a 4 hour session here! Your home is perfectly suited to your session- I have worked in all kinds of homes with all kinds of natural light, so nothing will be a surprise for me! I may tidy up a little in the areas we photograph, but please do not feel like you need to clean the house for me! I remember very clearly the postpartum days, so I take your needs into account when photographing and posing you. 

When should we schedule our Vermont Newborn Session?

That really depends on your family! Some moms and babies are ready for their session almost right away, and others need a bit more time to settle into things at home. Maybe your baby is having trouble with feeding, or maybe you just had a c-section or other traumatic birth experience, and the thought of a photography session right now is just exhausting. I photograph newborns up until about 8 weeks of age, and I leave time in my schedule to accommodate the needs of families. If one or both parents are planning to go back to work soon after baby is born, I highly recommend the session take place while they are on parental leave. 

How do we book our Vermont Newborn Session?

I am so excited to photograph the newest member of your family! Please fill out the form on my contact page, letting me know what type of session you are interested in and what date, and I will get in touch within a day. 

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