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Vermont Creative Headshots & Branding Photography

Elevating Your Brand's Visual Presence Through Authentic Storytelling 

Your clients and customers want to know- what is it like to work with you or support your business?

My mission is to help your brand shine with professional photography that tells your unique story through vibrant, creative images. 

Sure, stock images may offer convenience and affordability, but they lack the authenticity, uniqueness, and brand alignment that custom photography provides. By investing in professional branding photography, you can create authentic imagery that reflects your brand's story, values, and personality to your audience.

I'm Stephanie.

As a Vermont Brand and Headshot Photographer, I believe in the power of visual storytelling to elevate brands- every business, from solopreneurs to larger businesses, needs to be able to stand out in today's over-saturated world. 

Here's the deal: I'm all about keeping it real. No fancy studios or staged poses here – I focus on authentic experiences that capture the heart and soul of your business. Whether you're a family-owned bakery, a quirky boutique, or a local brewery with a story to tell, I'm here to help you showcase what makes your brand special. Your clients and followers want to see how and why you do what you do- show them how much hard work and love goes into your business!

Branding images are your secret weapon for building trust and connecting with your audience on a deeper level. By investing in high-quality, authentic imagery that accurately reflects your brand's values and personality, you're not just showcasing your products or services – you're building trust with your audience. From the moment they lay eyes on your website or social media profiles, potential customers are forming impressions of your brand. 

Let's Make Magic Happen

So, what's your story? Let's grab a cup of locally roasted coffee or a pint of craft beer (my treat!) and chat about how we can bring your brand to life through the magic of photography. Whether you're just starting out or you've been part of the Vermont scene for generations, I'm here to help your business shine.

Click on the photos below to see my work


Create a strong first impression
Consistent imagery across marketing channels
Capture attention and boost social media engagement
Build Trust & Credibility
Improve SEO and increase website traffic



Invest In Your Brand's Future

Let's create images you & your clients will love!



I begin by getting to know your brand inside and out. Through a session questionnaire and consultation, I learn about your brand's story, target audience, and key messaging. This allows me to tailor my approach and ensure that every image we create together accurately reflects your brand's personality and resonates with your audience.


Your Photo Session

I work with you ahead of time to dial in the most important images for your website, social media, and print so that your photo shoot is efficient and we aren't wasting time on the day of your photo shoot. I want you to have images that are useful and, most important, will bring you more business! 


Creative Planning

Once I have a clear understanding of your brand, I work with you to develop a creative concept for your photography project. Whether it's showcasing your products in a lifestyle setting, capturing the essence of your team in action, or telling a visual story that embodies your brand's values, I bring creativity and innovation to every shoot.



After the shoot, I carefully edit and enhance the images to ensure they meet my high standards of quality and consistency. My post-production process involves fine-tuning colors, adjusting lighting, and adding any necessary effects to create visually stunning imagery that grabs attention and leaves a lasting  impression.

"I had a great experience with Stephanie taking photos for my business. She made the whole process fun and easy. The communication and understanding of what I was looking for was there every step of the way. Before the shoot she made sure she knew what my goals were, gave me great ideas before and during, took every shot I was hoping for plus some amazing ones I wasn’t expecting. Her editing skills ensures that every photo looks beautiful. I was very nervous being photographed working and simply wasn’t excited to be in the photos. But she put my mind at ease right away. I could not be happier with how the photos came out, far exceeded my expectations. So grateful I had the opportunity to work with Stephanie. If you are looking for photos of your family or your business look no further."

Brittany, Massage Therapist

Clients Say

For Soloprenuers:

Branding Sessions Starting at $1500

- Up to 2 hours of on-location photography.

- Planning consultation to choose which shots will appeal to your ideal client.

- 20 high resolution digital images for use on social media, website, and printed advertising materials.

- Commercial Print release.

- Business spotlight social media and blog posts using images from your session.

For Larger Brands:

As each commercial project is unique, please inquire for a custom quote


Let's Work Together!

Ready to take your brand's visual presence to the next level? Let's collaborate and create images that tell your brand's story in a meaningful and impactful way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you bring your brand's vision to life through the power of photography.

Not ready for a full branding session, but would love a new headshot? 

Nature-Inspired Headshots for solopreneurs and businesses who are ready to break free from the stuffy corporate headshot

Nature-Inspired Headshots

-20 minute session at your choice of pre-selected locations in the Mad River Valley.
-Online Gallery
- Your choice of 3 edited high resolution digital images with the option to purchase more.

Stephanie Grace Ceramics

Wild Earth Farm