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2023 Lincoln Gap Photography Client Superlative Awards | Vermont Family Photographer

Updated: Jan 5

Happy New Year! It’s time for Lincoln Gap Photography’s 2023 Client Superlative Awards! I am the luckiest Vermont Family Photographer there is with the most fun, kind, sweet, and adventurous clients out there. You came from near and far, you braved smoke, bugs, rain, and wind. You invited me into your hearts and homes, and for that- I am forever grateful. Without further ado, I give you my categories for the Best of Lincoln Gap Photography 2023:  

Coldest session

Let’s start off at the beginning with the year’s coldest session. This Vermont maternity session at Knoll Farm was not only the coldest but the snowiest too! These photos just go to show that braving the winter elements pays off!

Most Adventurous Baby

This was by far the most adventurous baby of 2023. She was obsessed with hiking the Mad river, and probably would have gone it alone had her parents let her!

Best Family Snuggle

This was a tough one as I love all family snuggles, but this family got extra tight on their family hugs. Love it!

Most Dramatic In-Home Session

I was obsessed with this window and the lighting during this Vermont in-home maternity session. Bring me all the vintage looks!

Best Waterfall

Rivers and waterfalls are my jam, and the rains this summer made this Vermont waterfall extra spectacular. So glad my awesome senior was willing to brave the spray and roar from the waterfall- she totally rocked her session!

Smokiest Session

This summer, Vermont was plagued by rain and wildfire smoke. I had to reschedule this family 3 times before we were finally able to do their session, and it was still smoky. They were so gracious and understanding, and I actually absolutely love the otherworldly feel the smoke brought to their images. We definitely made lemonade out of lemons here!

Strongest Client

There is no contest that the strongest client award goes to Sophie and her family. Sophie was diagnosed with an ultra-rare genetic disease called Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1b, at the age of 2. This disease is life threatening and currently has no FDA approved treatments. Sophie’s parents manage Sophie’s condition by providing a special diet and round the clock doses of uncooked corn starch. They started Sophie’s Hope Foundation, a research foundation to find a cure for Sophie and others with this life-changing disease- you can find out more at

Most Dramatic Sky

This was a tough call, as we had a lot of cloudy, dramatic skies this year in Vermont, but I just love the colors and drama that blessed this couple as they celebrated their pregnancy.

Vermont maternity photographer

Best Dad Toss

This one was a toss up! I had 3 dads this year that really got their little ones in the air, so I couldn’t pick just one!

Most Adventurous Senior

The most Adventurous Senior award goes to Annabelle. To get to and navigate this location, we had to climb and scramble over rock ledges, and wade through water with super slippery rocks. She is such a beautiful rock star and was open to anything I suggested, and her photos turned out amazing for it!

Most Stylish Client

I don’t know if anyone will ever beat Lisa Reisner of Someday Boutique for Most Stylish Client (except maybe her daughter Annabelle above!) Lisa brings to the Mad River Valley a boutique for women featuring highly curated, affordable clothing right on Bridge Street in Waitsfield. Go see Lisa for all of your fashion emergencies, or if you are just looking to spice up your wardrobe- she has definitely helped a gal out more than once!

Highest Family Jump

The highest family jump award definitely goes to this fun family! I love when parents let loose and have fun with their kids to make extra special memories!

Most Animals at a Session

The most animals at session award goes to this hen loving family – I have a flock of my own so I love when I get to photograph other families’ farm friends!

Vermont Family Photographer

Most Excited Propos-ee (is that a word?)

Surprise proposals are so much fun to plan, and my favorite part is the reaction of the person being proposed to- I cry every time right along with them. But this was I think the most excited a client has ever been- and if it isn’t clear she said “Yes!”

Buggiest Session

You wouldn’t know it, but we were absolutely eaten alive at this session. The deluge of rain throughout the summer brought some challenging conditions for families, but this family showed up with so much love and a positive attitude, I kept them moving as best I could, and we tried to take advantage of any breezes to blow the bugs away.

Smily-est Baby

Of course I couldn’t pick just one, but these were the best baby smiles of 2023:

Best Prop at a Senior Session

I usually don’t allow props at my photos sessions as my focus is on family connection. But senior sessions are different- I love when seniors want to incorporate their interests and hobbies into their session to capture who they are as they move on from high school and into the world.

Most Dogs at a Session

These were the sweetest pups and wanted to be the stars of the show at their new baby’s newborn session!

Best Leaf Toss

These long time clients really know how to have fun at their photo sessions, and this is the second year in a row we have incorporated a leaf toss with their kids- so much fun!

Family throwing leaves in Vermont

Most Creative Client

Stephanie Grace Ceramics takes the cake for the most creative client of 2023. Her pottery is unique, gorgeous, and I just love how she uses forms to create her signature look.

New Favorite Place to Photograph

These photos feature my new favorite place to photograph- a parking lot. Yep, you read that right! We can go to the farthest fields and longest views, but I love finding obscure patches of color and texture to photograph your family. This family trusted my vision and I’m so glad they did!

Sweetest Older Sibling

This little guy loved his baby sibling so much already, I can’t image the love with baby earthside!

Cutest Pet at a Senior Session

Pets are a huge part of our lives growing up, so they are not only welcome, but encouraged, at senior sessions! This cute and fluffy buddy wins the cutest pet at a senior session award in 2023.

Vermont senior photographer

Youngest Baby

The youngest baby of 2023 goes to this sweetie at just under a month old. Many newborn photographers photograph newborns up until about 10 days old, but I’m different- I hold space for families who aren’t ready for a photo session for a few weeks. So many things can prevent you from taking newborn photos right away, and it is my mission to make sure families get those photos of their new baby without feeling rushed or stressed.

Best River Maternity Session

I think Vermont River Maternity Sessions may be my favorite sessions of all, and this mama brought it to her session. The light, her outfit, the colors, just everything about it make it my favorite maternity session at the Mad River in 2023.

Favorite Black and White Photos

My clients know that I’m a sucker for dramatic, emotive black and white photos. So here’s a compilation of my favorites from 2023

Best Vermont Sunset Session

There weren’t many sunsets this year in Vermont, but boy, did this one deliver! We were bathed in beautiful, glowing light.

So there they are - Lincoln Gap Photography's Client Superlative Award's 2023! I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all my 2023 clients- if your session wasn't featured here, it just means I didn't have permission to share your images- you are all so important to me and I have enjoyed photographing each and every one of your sessions!

Already thinking about your 2024 photo session?

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