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Vermont Vacation Photography: How to Make Your Trip to Vermont Extra Special

Updated: May 10

Vermont Family Photographer

Mad River Valley, Vermont

Vacations are all about making memories, and what better way to do that than to hire a Vermont travel photographer to help you capture some truly special and unique moments. Whether you are coming to Vermont to decompress and spend time with your family, spending some special time with your partner for your babymoon before your baby is born, or traveling to a loved one’s wedding, Vermont is a gorgeous place to capture your unforgettable moments. You can even have your senior portraits taken while your family is on vacation!

Family having fun in Stowe Vermont

Stowe, Vermont

Why should you have a photo session on vacation?

The number one reason you should hire a Vermont family photographer for your next vacation is: You need to be in the pictures! The ability to take selfies is great and all, but beautiful photographs of you truly looking your best and enjoying your time with your family (instead of trying to hold your phone out so everyone is in the frame, or worse- not being in the photo at all!) are so much better.

You traveled to Vermont for its beautiful landscape, covered bridges, and quaint towns, so take advantage of all that gorgeousness so you have amazing photographs of your family too to decorate the walls of your home!

Photographs are truly the best souvenirs of your vacation. Nothing can remind you more of the wonderful times you had exploring a new place, or coming back to the area you love, year after year.

Your photo session will be fun! Your photographer will likely take you to a place you wouldn’t otherwise have gone, and it will be a beautiful spot to enjoy with your family or as a couple for the evening. Make an adventure out of it- bring along a basket of local Vermont foods and after your photoshoot is over you can relax and enjoy the scenery even more!

Family enjoying their photo session

Warren, Vermont

Why should you hire a destination photographer for your Vermont vacation?

Local photographers know the best locations for your vacation photos, and they can make recommendations based on what you are looking for and your needs. They know the spots that will have beautiful light, what time of day to go there, and any local knowledge about if a spot will be crowded, events that are happening and more.

You will get to relax during your photo session, instead of trying to manage your family or spouse to get the photos you want. There is nothing worse than trying to get a good photo of your family and nobody is listening. When you hire a Vermont vacation photographer, you are hiring a professional who knows how to work with couples and families to capture amazing photographs. They have tricks up their sleeve to make your photo session enjoyable for everyone.

family photos in Vermont

Moretown, Vermont


Choosing the best photographer for your family photos in Vermont:

With so many photographers out there, and not being familiar with an area, how do you choose the best photographer to hire for your Vermont vacation photos? Instagram hashtags like #vermontfamilyphotographer, #vermontmaternityphotographer, #vermontvacationphotographer, and #warrenvtphotographer will get you started in selecting a photographer who’s style you like.


Go to a photographer’s website to see if you like the images they create and the vision that they have. Look through their website to make sure they are knowledgeable about the best locations, what to wear for different times of the year, and how to best work with families for an enjoyable experience.

Your photographer should have a laid-back, relaxed vibe for your vacation. This is just as much an experience as your vacation itself, so it is really important that your photographer cultivates this kind of session for you.

Your Vermont portrait photographer should be knowledgeable about the best ways to coordinate your Vermont vacation photos. They should give you information in their first email to you about how to best plan your session. Scheduling your session for early in your vacation leaves you time to reschedule in case of bad weather, so you won’t be disappointed that you went home without your photos! Listen to your photographer’s recommendations and leave enough wiggle room in your schedule in case you need to make any schedule modifications.

Stratton, Vermont

If you are looking for a Vermont photographer for your Extended Family Session, where grandparents, grandkids, aunts, and uncles are all gathered to spend some quality time together, make sure your photographer has experience working with and creating genuine moments with large groups.

Vermont maternity portraits

Maternity Photos in Warren, Vermont

Vermont senior portraits

Senior Portraits in Mad River Valley, Vermont

Mad river valley family

Mad River Valley, Vermont

Vermont family photos

Mad River Valley, Vermont


How to schedule your Vermont Vacation Photo Session:

If you are planning a Vermont vacation this year, I would love to help you make amazing memories! Send me a message so I can check my availability and help you start planning the photography session of your dreams!

Vermont Family Photographer

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