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How to View the Total Solar Eclipse in Vermont with your Kids | Vermont Family Photographer

What’s better than experiencing the 2024 solar eclipse in Vermont? Experiencing it with your kids! This once in a lifetime event is hyped up for a reason- the next total solar eclipse to happen in the United States isn’t for another 20 years, and even then most of us will not be in the path of totality. What’s all this solar eclipse and totality talk? Click here to read more about why a total eclipse of the sun is so special, where and how to view the eclipse, and more!

Your kids will remember an event like this forever, so it will go a long way to make it a memorable and special event for them. Here are my tips for ensuring that both parents and kids get to take it all in.

Total Eclipse Viewing Safety

As a Vermont Family Photographer, I know how important my eyesight is to me and my job, never mind just living in general. I can’t stress enough to please get special eclipse viewing glasses for your entire family- and make sure they wear them properly! The glasses you purchase should comply with the ISO 12321-2 international standard. Regular sunglasses are not safe!  If you have littles that won’t wear the glasses properly, don’t let them look directly at the sun. A good alternative for them would be to use a viewing card, or to make a simple card projector for them to view the eclipse shadow.

Choose a location that works for your kids

You may have to get to your viewing location hours before the actual eclipse to get a good spot. Be sure to choose a location where they are able to run around without having to worry constantly about their safety. A large open field away from roads or parking lots would be a good bet. Or find a playground with a clear view of the sun so they are able to play until eclipse time. Of course, if your home has a clear south-southwest view, staying at home is the perfect thing to do. You can put up decorations, have a campfire, and make tasty treats! To find out if you will have a clear view of the eclipse, use a sun tracker app on your phone the day before the eclipse to make sure you will have an unobscured view of the sun at eclipse time.

Pack Snacks

Since you will probably be waiting around for a while if you go to a location, you will want to have plenty of snacks and water to keep your kids happy. Throw a change of clothes in the car, and make sure they are dressed for the weather so nothing comes in the way of your family experiencing the eclipse. Bring chairs and blankets, and some of their favorite toys too!


My thoughts on naptimes are this: this is a once in a lifetime event for many of us. If you have babies or toddlers that take an afternoon nap, have them take it in the stroller or baby carrier so you don’t miss this! Parents all too often prioritize their children’s needs above their own, and I am giving you permission for April 8, 2024 to be an imperfect nap day.


There are so many eclipse activities you can do with your kids to help get them excited for the eclipse. Here are some good ones I have found:

If you are travelling to Vermont with your family, there is no better way to commemorate your trip than with a family photography session for this once in a lifetime occasion! I will have openings before and after the day of the eclipse, but April 8th will be dedicated to spending this once in a lifetime moment with my own kids. Sessions spots will go fast leading up to the eclipse, so book yours today!

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