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50th Anniversary Extended Family Session | Warren, Vermont Family Photographer

What should you do to celebrate your parents' milestone anniversary? You could plan a big party, or send them on a vacation. But what about doing something for them, AND your whole family at the same time? A gift that will last for generations, not just a day. And this gift will mean something to everyone involved.

Here's why an Extended Family Photography Session is the perfect gift for those whose love shaped your family:

1. The grandparents will LOVE it!

Grandparents always want more photos, especially of their grandkids. But what about photos of them AND their grandkids together? Now that's extra special! Grandparents love to look at photos of their family in their home, and show off pictures to their friends to brag (in a good way!) about their family.

2. Their love NEEDS to be celebrated!

Whether they are as much in love as the day they were married, or they are a little bit of a, shall we say, "old married couple", their love created the family you have today. You, your brothers and sisters, your children, nieces and nephews- are all a part of two people meeting and falling in love. Celebrate each other! Celebrate family!

3. My Extended Family Sessions are easy and fun!

While my extended family sessions are a tad bit more "posed" than my regular family sessions, we really do keep that to a minimum. Its a time to hear some funny stories from grandma and grandpa about how they met, who gave them the most trouble growing up, and what they most love about each of their grandchildren. I keep everyone moving, especially the kids, and always take some time to explore the beautiful surroundings of our perfect Vermont location.

4. Your family memories will last forever (almost literally!)

All of your wall art pieces, books, and prints ordered through me are of archival quality- that means they will not fade in your lifetime, or your children's lifetime, if they are cared for properly. What a special gift to the future generations of your family to document what your family looks like in this moment- how you laugh, how you cherish, and how you love.

Book your Extended family session today: BOOK NOW!

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