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How to Enjoy your Early Spring Family Session in Vermont

Spring in Vermont is always a mixed bag- take this year for instance: it was way warmer at the end of March than it was most of April. Add in rain, the random 6 inch snowstorm, mud, and wind, and spring just doesn't sound like the best time to have your family portraits taken. But the key to enjoying your family session in early spring in Vermont is to look for the positives and EMBRACE them! And yes, there ARE upsides to having your portraits taken now instead of say, July.

Family photos in Vermont

1. When you get a nice day, it feels sooo good to be outside. Even if you are a family of skiers, being able to be outside without being all bundled up is so freeing. The kids can be wild and free, and parents sit back and feel the warm sun and light breeze hitting their faces. There is an excitement of renewal, freshness, and rebirth.

2. Sunset is MUCH earlier than in the summer months. If you have little ones that absolutely require an early bedtime, the shoulder seasons are a great time to schedule your session so you can still get photos with that dreamy, golden hour glow. Even if its a cloudy day, evening sessions are still the best option for softer light, dramatic skies, and less crowded locations.

3. All that dead grass actually photographs beautifully! While I love greenery, sometimes it can be overwhelming in photos. When Vermont gets green, it REALLY gets green, and I think having a more neutral palette in your images draws the attention more to what really matters- YOU!

4. Can anyone say "NO BUGS!!!"? That's right. In just a few weeks, all the bugs that exist in the world will be congregating on our brave little state. Mosquitos, black flies and gnats bare down on us for at least a few weeks, if not all summer. While I'm not going to complain about sultry summer days lounging at the river, I do have to say that its really relaxing to not have to swat bugs away from my clients during my early spring sessions.

What can you do to make your early spring family photos successful?

- Be flexible with day & time, and even your location. This is still my slow season, so many times if I see a nice day in the forecast, I can move things around in my schedule for you to take advantage of the weather. The next week could be a total wash out, so I highly recommend that my families keep an open mind and when we see a nice day we go for it. Also, I keep the location flexible, and go location scouting a couple of days before your scheduled session. Lots can change with flooding and ground saturation from rain, downed trees, and even dirt road conditions, so I always have a few options in mind for families to choose from.

- Dress for success: Dress in layers! Even if its a warm day, the breeze can still be cool. Rather than relying on winter coats, I suggest utilizing layers to keep your family warm. That way you have nice clothes in your photos, but are still warm and cozy.

- Let the kids get dirty: Let go of perfection here. The photographs I take of your children will embrace who they are in this moment in time. Showing that they are wild and free, and love splashing around in mud puddles is way more meaningful than a stiff, perfectly groomed portrait.

Ready to schedule your family photos in the Mad River Valley, Vermont?

I am ready and so excited to photograph your family! Please visit my website for more information, and contact me through email to schedule your session.

Lincoln Gap Photography is a Vermont Family Photographer located in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains in the town of Warren and serves all of Central Vermont including Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston, Moretown, Waterbury, Stowe, Montpelier, Berlin, Barre, Northfield, Richmond, Williston, and the Greater Burlington Area.

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