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How to ensure beautiful portraits of your kids at your family session

All families want beautiful portraits of their kids- that's a fact! Below are some amazing tips to ensure your child is captured how they were meant to be.

Vermont family portraits

1. Let go of perfection

A lot of times, parents have an idea in their mind of how a child should pose or a certain expression they should make for the “perfect photograph”. But as we all know, kids have their own agenda, they are their own person. They may not want to or know how to be exactly as you want them to be. But I do know they will be themselves if given the chance, and that’s what should be captured about your child.

Vermont Family Photographr

2. Don't fuss over your kids

Constantly brushing their hair and picking at their faces and clothing will stress them out. In my opinion, natural is better when it comes to childhood portraits, and kids give me genuine expressions and smiles when they are just left to be themselves and play.

Vermont Family Photography

3. Let your photographer direct your session

Kids get overwhelmed by too many people telling them what to do. Your photographer knows how to engage with kids, what looks good for genuine photographs, and best light to photograph in. Trust them!

4. Be Patient

Most families aren’t getting their portraits taken every week, so your family session is something they may be a little uncomfortable with at first. It’s my job to have fun and engage with your children, so they feel comfortable and relaxed. I give them time to get to know me, we play and have fun, and when they are comfortable with me I use my tricks to get genuine expressions that capture who they are.

Family Photographer Vermont

5. Have Fun!

Kids have fun when their parents are having fun. This is when genuine smiles happen, because they are truly happy! And if your child doesn’t smile? That’s ok too! Some of the best childhood portraits I have taken are of children being who they are in this moment in time.

Lincoln Gap Photography is a Vermont Family Photographer located in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains in the town of Warren and serves all of Central Vermont including Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston, Moretown, Waterbury, Stowe, Montpelier, Berlin, Barre, Northfield, Richmond, Williston, and the Greater Burlington Area.

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