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Warren VT Prayer Flag Display- Celebrating Fourth of July in a Pandemic | VT Family Photographer

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

My family only moved to Warren Vermont 5 years ago, but the Warren 4th of July Parade has already become a tradition for us. Not much else happens in this little town, and the anticipation of hearing the cannon fire and being a part of this day (and maybe getting a glimpse of Bernie!), is something we have looked forward to each year that we have lived in Vermont.

I knew it was inevitable, and the right thing to do, to cancel this year's parade, but it was a blow nonetheless. Just another thing I had to tell my kids was cancelled, as they are now of the age where they know the time of year each holiday happens and they were so looking forward to getting their candy and seeing the colorful floats.

I knew I wanted to capture my kids with the prayer flags as soon as I saw all of the volunteers and organizers hanging the installation in the village- thank you so much for doing this for our community! I hope everyone gets to stop in the village and enjoy the hard work of everyone who contributed flags.

I want to share some of the images I captured of my girls enjoying the beauty of Warren Village. As I shared on my Instagram post, the Prayer Flag Display is certainly something to dance about.

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