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10 Creative Winter Photo shoot Ideas in the Mad River Valley

Contrary to popular belief, winter is an awesome time for a photo session! You have a nice clean backdrop (SNOW!), and there's so many fun things to do during your photo shoot. Here are my Top 10 ideas for photo sessions this winter:

10. Hike the Mad River Path at Warren School for a waterfall backdrop among evergreens.

9. Engagement or Couples'session in the Enchanted Forest (don't know about the Enchanted Forest? -It's amazing! beautiful open forest is perfect for photos).

8. Frosty River Photo Shoot at Riverside

7. Snowshoe the trails at Blueberry Lake for some cozy shots among the pines, as well as a gorgeous open field with mountains in the background. Blueberry Lake has some GREAT afternoon light!

6. Visitor to the Valley? Local but wanting a staycation? Let me document your time at one of our beautiful B&Bs. A lifestyle session in a cozy location is just the ticket on a cold winter day.

5. Stroll around Warren Village and pose by our famous Covered Bridge. Don't forget to get a treat at the Warren Store!

4. Visit Knoll Farm and take in the whole Valley. This is one of my favorite places in the MRV, for photography, and just to be.

3. Nordic ski photo session at Ole's or Blueberry Lake Nordic Centers.

2. Waterfall Hike at the Bobbin Mill. This place is something special- especially for your photo session. There are so many beautiful nooks and crannies to tuck in and take some really beautiful shots.

1. And the # 1 Winter Photo shoot idea is...Sledding Lincoln Gap! Fun for the whole family, even your dog! Get the whole family out and we will take some amazing photos!

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