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Best Maternity Poses for your Maternity Photoshoot | Vermont Maternity Photographer

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

A Vermont maternity session is the perfect way to celebrate your new baby and the remarkable job your body is doing growing a new life. It is also such a fleeting time, that goes by much quicker than you think. Have your maternity portraits taken somewhere between 28-36 weeks, so you have a large enough bump to see, but you are still comfortable to move around. Documenting this time for yourself and your family is so important, and finding a photographer who can guide your session in a relaxed way guarantees you will have a fun session and walk away with amazing images.

1. Mom Alone

Mom is of course the star of the show during maternity sessions. She's the one with a baby bump after all! So often mothers feel insecure in their bodies during pregnancy, and it's my job to show them how absolutely gorgeous they are.

2. Belly Shot

If mom is the star, the next most important person at the session is the baby, but since you can't see the baby, we take bump photos instead!

3. Partner Snuggle

Having your partner love up on you and wrap their arms around your belly is a must-do pose!

4. Belly Kiss

Kids love to show "their" new baby some love by kissing your belly, and this is a great way for partners to show their love too!

5. Silhouette

Show off your amazing body, Mama! This shot is especially fitting and a must-do for in-home maternity sessions.

6. The Classic

A couple different versions of this classic maternity pose, you can either have both hands on your belly, or rest one hand on the small of your back.

7. Laying Down

Either with Mom alone, with partner, or with pup or kids, a laying down shot is a must-do at all of my maternity sessions. I love the change in perspective and it gives you a chance to relax a little too!

8. The Walk

Getting moving during your maternity session is a great way to add variety to your gallery and incorporate some of the beautiful landscape into your images!

I hope these maternity poses have given you some ideas for your Vermont maternity session! If you are looking for a Vermont maternity photographer, get in touch- I would love to capture this special time for you and your family!

Ready to schedule your maternity photos in the Mad River Valley, Vermont?

I am ready and so excited to photograph your maternity session! Please visit my website for more information, and contact me through email to schedule your session.

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