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How to Choose the Perfect Vermont Family Photographer

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

As a parent you realize how important it is to document your children growing. But it is just as important to document your children WITH YOU! Phone selfies just don't do your family justice, and you realize you need to hire a family photographer.

Let me clue you in- this is exciting! A family, maternity or newborn session is a wonderful opportunity to capture everything you love about your family in this moment in time. Wherever you are on your journey, and however old your kids are, the answer to the question "When is the perfect time to get family photos taken?" is always going to be "Right now!"

Vermont family photographer

But there are so many photographers out there, how do you choose one? There are a few things to look for when hiring a family photographer. You should look at their website- do they seem friendly and approachable (will they be good with your kids)? Are you drawn to the types of images they create? Do they offer digital images, prints and wall art, or both?

There are three general types of family photographers: Traditional, Lifestyle, and Documentary.

1. Traditional Portrait Photographers- these photographers make portraits with everyone very posed, looking at the camera. They may do a variety of poses, but the general idea is the same. They may have a studio, or do themed sessions.

2. Lifestyle Photographers- these photographers focus on the connection and emotion of family, and sometimes utilize dramatic light and locations. They make photographs that allow you to feel what you felt in that moment in time. They guide rather than pose, and usually have a child-led, family- centered approach to their photography. This type of session is perfect for kids who "won't listen" or "just won't sit still."

3. Documentary Photographers- these photographers usually photograph at your home, and capture their subjects without directing the family in any way. They are a fly on the wall. They want to capture your family's truth, without interfering.

So what kind of photographer are you?

I consider myself a lifestyle photographer, with hints of both posed and documentary style thrown in. I know that seems contradictory to what I just laid out above, but I love to spend time with my clients giving them a variety of images that truly represent who they are. Sometimes families need a lot of guidance, and other times they need very little. I take a family and child-centered approach to my photography to capture your personalities, while making the session fun, laid-back, and stress-free.

vermont family photographer

What do they offer in terms of value?

Choosing a photographer just because they are the cheapest may not be the best idea. No matter what, photography is an investment in your family. You are literally creating heirlooms for yourself and your children to enjoy for the rest of your lives, as well as for your future generations to look back on.

Choose a photographer who offers help! You are so busy! We are still resurfacing and still in the middle of a pandemic. Work is crazy playing catch up, the kids are constantly out of school for illness or quarantine, and family are begging for your attention and visits. The prospect of planning your family photos can seem like you just can't fit it in because there is so much to think about. But what if you found a photographer who wanted to help you, every step of the way?

From the moment you contact me, I am responsive and available to you for all your questions and concerns. From the moment you book your session, I help you choose the perfect location, the perfect clothes, and help you and your family feel relaxed and confident. I have guides that I send to each of my clients that you can read on your own schedule, and you get all the information you need in an easy, stress-free way. After your session, I deliver you a beautiful online gallery with all of your images (no extra ordering meetings here!), and help you choose the perfect way to display your memories in your home.

Truthfully, I can't answer the question "Who is the best photographer for my family?"- only you can do that. But I do know that if you are looking for a photographer who loves to photograph with a family-centered approach, who loves beautiful light and dramatic landscapes, and who loves making photographs that mean something and capture your family's unique truth, I'm your gal!

If you feel the same way, get in touch to schedule your complimentary consult, or skip right to the point and book your session today! I can't wait to hear from you!

Visit to learn more about how a Vermont Photographer can help you preserve your family's memories.

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