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How to have a Relaxed Family Photography Session | Warren, Vermont Family Photographer

You are starting to think about your family's yearly photographs, an event that should be fun, relaxed, and laid-back. But then you start thinking: What do we wear? What if my kids don't behave? What if my husband is grumpy because he really doesn't want to be there? You want to look like you love each other and are having fun in your family photos, and I promise if you follow my advice, you will!

1. Forget about anything you ever read about traditional family photography. I'm not looking for that perfectly posed, everyone looking at the camera photo. I want to see your family, really see you. I want each family to be their natural selves. But don't worry- I will guide you the entire time and you will never be left hanging, wondering what you should do.

2. Style: you should be comfortable and feel good in the clothes you wear for your session! When you feel beautiful, it really shows in your images! I have a style guide for all of my clients, but the most important thing is to be comfortable. I help each client decide what to wear, and I promise, its already in your closet- no need to shop.

3. Parents- I'm in charge of your kids for the session! I want you to relax and let them be themselves, because when you are stressed and getting annoyed with your kids, it shows in your photos! This is a fun, family activity, that just happens to include a photographer! I'm a mom, and have literally seen it all. Any melt-downs that happen don't phase me in the slightest. Take the time to cuddle and connect with your children. Be silly and fun. Your kids will mirror your mood.

4. Dads, teens, and anyone else who isn't really into the idea of family photos- again, this is a fun, relaxing time with your family. We don't get to spend time actually focusing on our families as a whole very much, giving them our full, undivided attention. That's what this time is. It's time to connect, explore, and for you to take one another in, in this moment. I guide you the whole time, but feel free to be spontaneous and show me what you love to do with your family.

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This family came ready for a wonderful, relaxed golden hour session at the Blueberry Lake Trails in Warren. I introduced myself to the kids, they got to introduce me to their super cute, bouncy poodles, and we were off on our adventure. I love this location because there is so much for families to explore at any time of year. This session took place in October, so we had milkweed and colorful leaves to play with in-between poses, and yummy apples to chomp on too!

They were just so ready to have fun! This was a wonderful family activity for them, where dad showed me his kid-tossing skills (they were pretty awesome) and they showed me how much they love each other.

Relaxed family session in Warren Vermont
Relaxed family session in Warren Vermont

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