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How to Plan your Vermont Proposal (and rock it!) | Lincoln Gap Photography | Vermont Photographer

You've found the love of your life. You've bought the ring. You want this to be a day they will remember forever. Whether your proposal is simple or extravagant, hiring a photographer to capture the moment is a must! It's that little extra something to make your Vermont proposal in the Mad River Valley super special ( and memorable too!)

So how do you go about having your proposal photographed, while keeping it a surprise? How can your photographer help you with your proposal plan? I help my clients plan down to the very last detail and think through all the logistics, so that I know we will capture the moment they say "Yes!"

I have 5 tips for you to get you started:

1. Book your photographer as far in advance as possible.

-To make your proposal the best it can be, we need time to plan.

- I can meet you ahead of time at the location to plan out exactly where to stand

so I can capture their reaction. If there isn't time to visit the location in advance

or if you are here visiting the Mad River Valley, we will choose a location I know

well so I can describe in detail where you should be standing.

2. Plan!

- Each proposal will have a different plan based on location, timing, and your

personalities. My goal is to plan so they never suspect anything is up, and I

capture the entire moment. We will set up a "code action" - you or I will do or

say something to indicate its about to happen. It should be something that you

would normally do. During one proposal, I posed as a hiker at our spot, and my

client asked me to take a photo of them with his phone. I took one, then quickly

switched to my camera to capture the proposal.

3. Timing is Everything!

- Timing is everything when it comes to planning your proposal. You and your

photographer need to be in communication in the hours leading up to your

proposal. Texting is a great way to communicate whether you are on time, or

if you are running a few minutes early or late. The last thing you want to do is

arrive to the location and have to stall! I always arrive to the location ahead of my

couples, to ensure that I am all set up, and have my camera settings ready to go.

4. Propose!

- Move slowly! I cannot stress this enough. You will move faster than you think you

will, so try to slow down as much as possible. Get the ring out, SLOWLY get on

one knee (if you are doing that) and slowly present the ring. This ensures that

your photographer has plenty of time to capture the lead up, and all the

emotion that takes place in that seemingly split second of time.

5. Celebration Pictures!

- They said "Yes!" And you can finally relax. Now it's time to show off that ring,

document your love, and enjoy this moment as a couple.

Working with a Vermont Photographer is so much fun and takes the stress off of you to plan your Vermont Proposal in the Mad River Valley. Get in touch to find out how I can help make your proposal a memorable one that you can show off to your family and friends!

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