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You are patiently awaiting your baby to be born, and you can't wait to start documenting their every detail. Their eyelashes, their little fingernails and toes, their precious little lips. You know you want professional portraits of your baby soon after they are born, but a big question remains: Should you choose a studio session, or an in-home session?

I am a firm believer in In-Home Newborn Photography. After you give birth, your home is your safe haven. It is your nest. It is a place where your family can relax. With an in-home session, there's no shlepping all the baby stuff (and mom-recovery stuff) to a studio. Your routine that you are desperately trying to nail down isn't as disrupted, because we let your baby sleep when they want to sleep, and eat when they want to eat.

With a studio session, you have to do your session by the time your baby is 10 days old at the latest to get those sleeping baby or special posed shots. Most of the families I have worked with simply aren't ready for that kind of commitment when their baby is a week old. They are already getting out for doctor's appointments, and are simply trying to survive. They are learning (or re-learning) how to survive on very little sleep. The thought of a 3-4 hour long studio session is just too exhausting.

An in-home session is also easier on your older children. They don't have to "behave" and worry about running into studio lights or tripping over cords. They can show me their room, their toys, and therefore get really comfortable with me. They trust me very quickly, so I am able to get some beautiful shots of them with "their" new baby.

Safety and health are my top priorities when photographing your new baby. I will never put your baby in an un-natural position, and for most of the session, you will be holding them. Especially during the winter, I feel it is so important to keep your baby away from germs. Studios have people coming and going, and your home (hopefully) has very little traffic as you rest after your baby's birth. I always reschedule my newborn sessions if I or a member of my family is sick. And I ask all my clients to reschedule if they are sick, so that I do not spread illness to the next family.

Finally, an in-home session will capture your authentic family life in the best way possible. I work with the natural light in your home (yes you DO have light I can work with!), and while I may need to move a few things around, your home is literally where your heart is. There is no better place to capture your baby snuggling in your arms.

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