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What to do with your Digital Images after your Photography Session

The moment you have been anticipating is finally here- you have received your gallery full of beautiful photographs! So, what’s next? Don’t worry- just because I have delivered you gallery, my job isn’t over yet and I won’t leave you hanging! Now that you have your gallery, you need to actually DO something with your images, and I would love to help you get your images printed and displayed in your home.

As you scroll through your gallery, you will notice a number of features: a gorgeous slideshow set to licensed music, your individual images, and a print shop filled with specially curated (by me!) ways to turn your digital images into beautiful wall art and keepsakes. There are also functions to favorite your images, hide certain ones from other gallery viewers, and download your images either individually, or as the full set. Your gallery is available for 1 month, so be sure to download your images and place your print order before your gallery expires to avoid the $75.00 archive fee.

Let’s start with your images themselves:

Printing your photos

Scroll down to the gallery section, where all of your fully edited images live. When you hover your mouse over an image, you will notice that a few options come up. If you click on the “heart” icon, this puts the image in a list of favorites. All your favorites can be found by clicking on the heart at the top right of your gallery. This is a great way to sort your images to decide which ones you would like to print. If you click on the crossed-out eyeball, this hides the image from others that you share the gallery with. Don’t worry- you and I will still be able to see these images in the gallery, so if you would like to print them, you can definitely do that! The down arrow button is used to download individual images from your gallery, but I have a tip for this in the next section.

Downloading your images:

How to print your family photos

I highly recommend downloading your whole gallery at one time so you don’t leave any images behind in your gallery. To do this, click on the Down Arrow at the top right corner of your gallery (when you hover over this icon it says “ Download photos”). Then click “Download Full Gallery – High Res”. Choose how you would like to save your images- either to your computer, Dropbox, or Google Photos. You will be sent a zip file, so I highly recommend doing this on a computer, as most phones cannot handle the zip files. You will extract the zip file, and save the folder to your computer. I highly recommend backing your photos up on Google Drive or another cloud-based system, as technology does break and images can be lost.

Your Slideshow:

Print your photos

Your images have been presented to you in a gorgeous slideshow, all set to curated, licensed music! You may purchase your slideshow to download for personal use. If you have allowed me to use your images for my website and business social media, your slideshow will be gifted to you to let you know how much I appreciate being able to share my work.

Now to the really fun part- printing your images!

Print your family photos

Did you know that it’s a proven fact that children who grow up in a home where photos of them are displayed, have more self confidence? That’s a pretty compelling reason to get your images printed. Your gallery has a shop I created especially for you, so that it is super easy to get your images out of the digital world and onto your walls. Your images have no place dying on a hard-drive, they were meant to be seen! Prints, wall-art and books purchased through your gallery are carefully crafted by the finest professional printing labs, and I am involved in ensuring that your prints are produced in the way I intended- vibrant, dramatic, beautiful works of art.

A couple of notes about books and frames:

The Storyteller Book cannot be ordered through your gallery as I will hand- design the layout and go over cover choices and debossing with you. Use the gallery shop to get a general idea of the options and costs, and then get in touch to let me know you would like me to design a book for you.

Framed Prints and Framed Metals and Canvases are also ordered through me separately, due to the number of choices of frames. I will narrow down some choices for you based on your preferences, and send you a separate invoice.

What are my favorite products?

I absolutely love the Storyteller Book, as it will hold a lot of images and tell the story of the special moments that we captured together. Metal prints are another favorite of mine, as they come ready to hang, and the images I have created for you are very well suited to the vibrant and bold nature of a metal print. They are also a cost-effective way to display your photographs as beautiful wall art in your home, and this is how I personally have my family photos displayed! Finally, nothing beats classic, Professional Prints. They are just so timeless (literally- they are of archival quality and will last 100+ years!), and are the perfect way to preserve your memories.

If you just can’t decide, I have put together three discounted packages full of the most-loved art pieces that you will customize with your images.

If you have any questions at all about downloading or creating art from your gallery- I’m just an email or phone call away! Enjoy your photographs!

Vermont Family Photographer

Lincoln Gap Photography is a Vermont Family Photographer located in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains in the town of Warren and serves all of Central Vermont including Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston, Moretown, Waterbury, Stowe, Montpelier, Berlin, Barre, Northfield, Richmond, Williston, and the Greater Burlington Area.

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