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What to wear for your Vermont Maternity Session | Lincoln Gap Photography

Getting your maternity photos done is both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time- you are so excited to capture this special time in your life, but you may be feeling a bit self-conscious about your changing body. My belief is that a woman's body is so beautiful, and the changes that her body goes through to grow her baby are so magical. The goal of my photography is to show you how beautiful you are - not make you, but SHOW you.

Part of the beauty of your images comes in the outfits that you choose for your session. They should jive with your location, and the mood you want your images to convey. They should also flatter your body, by not being too loose or too tight, and they should be comfortable - if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, that will show in your images. I want you to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful for your entire session. I will work with you on your wardrobe choices prior to your session, either through email or a zoom call.

I LOVE a long, flowy dress for maternity sessions. These types of dresses compliment an expecting woman's body, while hiding the hips, which is sometimes a worry expecting moms have. Long, flowy dresses add movement to your images- when you walk and sway, and twirl the dress brings so much beautiful movement and interest.

Texture adds interest to your photos, as does transparent fabric. I can position you so the light shines through the fabric for a gorgeous, dramatic look.

Be sure that the color outfit you choose stands out from the environment at your location. Vermont summers are very green, so be sure to choose soft, earthy colors that won't bend in.

Feel free to mix it up! I love when clients bring multiple outfits to a session. This works best with a mom and dad expecting their first child, as your other kids probably won't have the patience for wardrobe changes.

I love the variety of outfits the mom above chose. The flowy pants is a really nice alternative to a dress, and the scarf pairs so nicely to show some skin and her beautiful baby belly. Her jumper is so fun, and is also a really cute alternative to a dress. Here in Vermont, there's a really good chance you are looking for some styled images, but also some laid back ones, possibly on your family farm. I love to end a session after the sun goes down during blue hour with some images of you looking all snuggly and cozy.

If you have tattoos that you love, be sure to style around them to show them off!

I love what the dads in the above images are wearing. I love when they bring their own, relaxed style and they don't look too dressed up. Most guys feel much more comfortable in their everyday wear, and we will work with what they have to complement your outfit. Brimmed hats are really cool, but stay away from ballcaps and anything that has logos.

Shorter dresses can totally work if you are not very far along in your pregnancy, but for moms in their third trimester, they will feel more comfortable in a longer dress.

My favorite look for your maternity session is showing lots of skin. I love the emotion that it brings to your photos, as well as the skin on skin connection with your growing babe. Nude or semi-nude images are an emotive, tasteful way to add beautiful artwork to your home to remember this amazing time in your life.

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03 févr. 2021

Such great tips for expected mothers!


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02 févr. 2021

Great blog and love your images.

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