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Why I Allow Two Hours For Your Photography Session | Vermont Family Photographer

Family Portraits in Vermont

I have many client's who inquire and ask for a shorter photography session because they don't want or need two hours of photography time. Maybe the kids (or the adults!) have a short attention span. Maybe they just don't think they need that much time. While I do work efficiently to capture your family, I leave plenty of time in my schedule to keep your session relaxed. All of my sessions include Up To two hours of time, for many reasons:

1. Some children take a while to warm up. Sometimes they are having a bad day. But given the time to explore their surroundings, they open up and their mood totally changes. I want to make sure we have the time to honor your small children with very big feelings. Quick is not always better for capturing your child's true personality.

2. Vermont Vistas and Remote Locations: Some families like to go on a little adventure for their photo sessions. We have no shortage of spectacular views, waterfalls, rivers and special forest locations that take 20 or so minutes to reach. I allow for hiking time, stops for pictures along the way, etc, so your family can enjoy the amazing scenery.

3. Variety in your images: Who wants photos that all look the same? Nobody! If your family is doing well and enjoying yourselves (which I promise you will!) we have time to photograph in a variety of lighting scenarios that will provide you with a dynamic gallery.

4. Newborns and babies! I operate on a newborn's schedule. All of my newborn sessions and family sessions with babies are baby-led. I never want the needs of photography to come before their own. There is plenty of time for feeding, changing, and relaxing.

5. I don't like to be rushed. I'll be honest here - what I want more than anything for your family is for you to have gorgeous images. I want to look for the best light, interesting backdrops, and create images that are unique for your family. I also want your images to show your personalities, and that just can't be accomplished in "just a couple of photos". My style of photography is to capture your family's story. I am super relaxed, I want your children to explore, and I want you to enjoy this time as a family. When the families I photograph are relaxed that's when the magical images happen.


-Do we have to use the full session time? Not at all! Most families and couples can be photographed in an hour, but sometimes there are special circumstances (or we are just having so much fun!) that I allow two hours of session time in my schedule.

-But if we don't use the whole two hours, do we still pay your full session fee? Yes! Most of my time is spent planning your session, editing, gallery delivery, and designing your custom Storyteller Book. Only a small portion of the total time I spend on your images is spent actually photographing.

Ready for an Amazing Photography Experience? How do I book?

Visit my website: and fill out my Contact Form to get in touch!

I would love to photograph your family and will email you some info and get you on my calendar. I can't wait to hear from you!

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