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10 Fun Family Photo Session Activities to Capture Unforgettable Moments

Have you ever book your family photo session and then wondered, "How are we going to fill the time and keep the kids entertained?" "How are we going to keep them happy and behaving for the photographer?" Well, first and foremost, you NEVER have to worry about your kids acting a certain way for me. The amazing thing about family adventure photography is that it's relaxed and child-centered, which means we will meet your kids where they are, instead of pushing them into stiff poses with cheesy smiles.

As a Vermont family photographer, it’s my job to make your photo session enjoyable for your family. While you could come to your photo session with a list of ideas, it’s my job to make suggestions so you don’t have another thing to worry about. As a parent, you have a lot on your plate, and I don’t want you to feel like your photo session is another chore you are adding to your long to-do list. This is meant to be a fun family activity to spend time together, so let me do the work for you!

What we will do together depends on the ages of your kids and the location. Here are a few of the activity suggestions I may make at your photo session:

1. Rock Skipping

Skipping rocks is a really fun activity that is especially popular with older kids and dads that love to show off their skills. It gets everyone moving and focused on something other than the camera, which helps your family to relax.

2. Pick or Smell Wildflowers

Wildflowers are so beautiful in your portraits, so I try to include them at the height of the summer. In the fall, blowing and throwing milkweed seeds or leaves is a really fun activity that is also beautiful in photographs.

3. Dance and Spin

Spin those dresses in the beautiful sunlight! Anytime you can add movement to your family pictures, you should! It brings a gorgeous dynamic to your photographs, as well as being fun for everyone!

4. Snuggle Pile- Tickle Pile

Do you have a little snuggler? Some children are a little shy, so snuggling them and giving them lots of hugs and kisses will make these kiddos happy, and you will get to remember how special it felt to hold them close. Does your family like to get close but have lots of laughs? Then a family tickle fest may be in order!

5. Toss Your Littles

Usually it’s the dads who love to toss their little ones, and it’s a super fun activity that gets your toddler squealing with laughter!

6. Run Under a Blanket

I don’t usually include any kind of prop in my photo sessions, as I feel it’s distracting and takes the focus away from the family. But a simple, neutral colored blanket can be fun to get some hesitant kids (and parents) moving around and having fun together!

7. Ride on Dad’s Shoulders

Kids love to ride around on Dad’s (or Mom’s) shoulders to get a higher perspective of the world, and this height adds interesting layering and movement to your photographs.

8. Swing Your Kids

Kids love to swing between their parents, and we can do this for as long as parent’s arms last!

9. Walk Together

Simply walking through a field or along a path together can be the perfect way to capture your family. Just take in all the beauty Vermont has to offer and be together, there’s nothing more you need to do!

10. Play in Water

Kids love to play in the water, which is why my river sessions are such a big hit! Parents- let go of perfection- its ok if your family gets wet and sandy! While I recommend bringing an extra change of clothes in case kids get totally drenched, splashing around making summer memories is what you will truly want to remember about your kid’s childhood.

With all these fun activities, now are you thinking, "How will we fit all this into an hour?!" See! This will be so much fun, you won't want your session to end!

There are so many simple things to do to create beautiful, emotive family photos together, and this is just a sample of ideas.

Are you ready to book your Vermont family photo session? I can't wait to hear from you! Click my photo below to get in touch:

Vermont Family Photographer

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