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Client Superlative Awards 2021 | Vermont Family Photographer

I'm in a family photographers group on Facebook, and one of the leaders in the group does a Client Superlative Awards blog post every year, and I love the idea so much, I wanted to do this for my clients too! 2021 was my best photography year yet, so here are all the highlights! Keep reading to see if your session is a winner!

Highest Elevation Session

These two definitely win for the session at the highest elevation! At a whopping 4,083 feet at the top of Mt. Ellen at Sugarbush Resort, this Vermont proposal was over 2,000 feet higher than my next highest session! In case you were wondering, she said yes!

Best Covered Bridge Shot

Did you know, Vermont is home to more than 100 covered bridges? I get to drive through one at least twice a day on the way to picking my kids up from school, and it is so nostalgic, to say the least. I went location scouting in Stowe Vermont for this couple a few days before their session, as the location near Topnotch Resort and Spa was new to me, and I'm so glad I did! I found this covered bridge off a little side road, close to where we were originally going to meet, and they loved the idea of including this quintessential piece of Vermont in their session!

Most Stylish Client Award

Hands down, my Most Stylish Client of 2021 is Lisa Reisner of Someday Boutique in Warren Vermont. Lisa hired me this summer for a personal branding session and it was so much fun to see this style expert in action!

Award for Best Bear Hug

This dad wrapped his arms around his family in the biggest bear hug of the year!

Session with the Best Foliage

Vermont is known for the best fall foliage in the country, and families love to book sessions at this time of year to take advantage of the dramatic colors. I had photographed at this location a week prior to this session, and this tree was totally green- give it a few days and as you can see, things totally changed! It's a toss up whether the foliage was better for this family's session or the senior session below, but this tree decided it for me. You can't get more amazing than this!

The Sweetest Siblings Award

This one definitely goes to these little guys! They were so snuggly with each other at their session, and while I'm sure they have their moments with each other, they gave me all the fuzzy feels at their session!

The Cutest Couple

These two were so, so sweet, and I didn't even have to tell them anything- they were just so in love and I love that they wanted that captured! This was part of a larger, extended family session, but these two just warmed my heart!

The Most Epic Sky at a Session

I've photographed in some crazy skies and conditions, take for instance this twin newborn session from 2020. But these skies were really epic as well for this senior session, and were the most dramatic of all my 2021 sessions. Luckily this time, there wasn't a chance for rain, just an amazing backdrop for this amazing senior! As dark as the clouds were at this session, the skies opened up as we were leaving and gave us 2 minutes of beautiful golden glow!

Best Outtake

This little guy just cracked me up, and as you can see, mom and dad find him pretty funny too! I was trying to get a super-cuddly, emotional photo, but this guy had other plans and whipped out this pose so fast I barely had time to capture it! I'm so glad he did though because this is one of my favorite shots from this session! And in case you were wondering, we got the "serious" shot too!

Session with the Best Summer Blooms

In Vermont, we get the best blooms in the summertime. Spring has a hard time being very "spring-like" here, and it is well into June before we get much of anything, and then-it's dandelions. But July and August bring the most sultry summer flowers, and I am in. love.

Best Baby Giggle

This little guy had the best baby giggle of 2021, I mean, just look at him! Every time I see this image I can literally hear his laugh, and that brings me so much joy!

Most Epic Kiss

No mistletoe needed here! The Most Epic Kiss award goes to these two!

The Highest Jump

The biggest, highest jump award goes to these two! They tried with all their might to go as high as they could for a great action shot for mom and dad!

Best Sunset Shots

This one is tough, because I have two sessions this year that had the most spectacular sunsets, both at the same location! Did you know, Vermont only sees 58 days of full sun a year??!! That's fairly low odds of getting a gorgeous sunset for your golden hour shoot. But this year the sun gods came out to play for me, and it was so, so amazing! Since I have to choose, I think this session wins by a slight margin- the glow was just a little more rich and creamy, that's what puts it over the top for me!

Best Baby Yawn

Being a baby is hard work- so much growing taking place! Even though this sweet little one had all the yawns at her newborn session, she was alert as ever and gave me some gorgeous looks right at the camera lens too!

The Best Session with Older Kids

Family photography doesn't stop when your kids get to be a certain age- and in my opinion, is is even more important to photograph them before they leave the nest. Sessions don't need to be stiff and stressful- in fact I think these guys actually had some fun at their session! We went on a hike to a really cool location, they got to have some fun, and we got some really sweet shots for their mama to enjoy!

The Wettest Session

If you know me, you know I love a family who will splash in the river at their session- and this family did just that! Not worried that their little one was getting wet, they were relaxed, fun, and their daughter got to cool off on what I think was also the hottest day I photographed all year!

And last, but certainly not least, here are my Most Epic Landscape Shots of 2021!

Part of hiring a Vermont photographer is receiving photos of your family in a gorgeous location (like Warren, Vermont!), so I make sure I offer families, maternity and newborn clients, seniors, and couples some of the best locations the Mad River Valley and Vermont have to offer. I can't choose just one, so here are my top ten!

So there they are - Lincoln Gap Photography's Client Superlative Award's 2021! I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all my 2021 clients- if your session wasn't featured here, it just means I didn't have permission to share your images- you are all so important to me and I have enjoyed photographing each and every one of your sessions!

Already thinking ahead to 2022? Me too! Get in touch at

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