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Get to know your photographer

Lincoln Gap Photography is a Photographer in Warren, Vermont specializing in Family, Maternity, and Newborn Lifestyle Photography.

Why is it so important that you like your photographer? They're just showing up for an hour to take a few pictures, right? Well, maybe this is true if you go to Sears, everyone sits down on those special velvet seats, say cheese for a couple of shots, and you are on your way. But, what if you are looking for more in your images? What if you are looking for someone to capture the true essence of your being? Then you need to make sure you and your photographer click.

You want to look at the photographer's work on their website and social media pages, so you can see what kinds of images to expect from your session! If you are in love with light & airy images, don't book a photographer with a website full of dark & moody photos. Look at their use of light, their color correction, and their image composition. Photography is an art, so everyone is going to be different and nobody is right or wrong. There are all kinds of photographers, so find someone whose images really speak to you.

I love to introduce myself to clients through my Website and Welcome Guide. Here's a link so you can find out more about the experience you will have with me:

We email and have a short chat on the phone to talk about all the details of your session: location, clothing, date and time, shots you might want, and what you really want to capture.

At my sessions, I like to have fun. I am relaxed, I like to chat about life and have fun with your kids. If they are having fits, let them run and play. Give them a snack. Take a break and we will get shots of mom and dad. I go with the flow and I like working with families that are happy with this approach.

I also made a short video to introduce myself and my family! I want you to feel like you know me before we ever meet!

Choosing a photographer can seem like a daunting task, but I hope I've made it easy for you!

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